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Shauna Moran

The conversation about remote working and effective remote team strategies is everywhere.

Now that the whole world is working remotely, people everywhere are sharing their thoughts, perspectives and advice.

I truly believe in the power of sharing information and experiences as a way for us to learn from one another.

You might know that I’m a huge advocate for asynchronous communication.

But you might not know why that is.

Asynchronous communication is when we communicate in a delayed time. …

When you read the word intuition you’ll either roll your eyes, OR you’ll lean forward, wanting to read further.

I hope it’s the latter.

As a coach I heavily rely on my intuition in a coaching environment. We’re trained to do so.


Because it’s sometimes what’s NOT being said…

When we think about how we can make our remote organizations more successful, we tend to immediately think of the tangible areas we can focus on like tools, technology, processes and policies.

No organization is successful without policies and processes. There is of course a difference between having policies with…

I always choose simplicity over complexity.

It’s not that simplicity is the easiest route, or the path with the least resistance.

Actually, it’s the opposite. When you’re working in ever-changing, ever-growing environments, it can be a challenge to simplify.

Whether that’s simplifying processes, structures, or even our own thoughts around…

Can I even set boundaries when I’m ambitious?

Surely setting boundaries will prevent me from achieving my ambitious goals?

I was asked these questions recently and wanted to share my responses with you.

Ain’t nobody going to achieve their ambitious goals when:

a. They are burnt-out and overworked

b. They…

I’ve written previously about the importance of leaders ‘walking their talk’. Meaning if your team are experiencing stress and have a tendency to push the idea of ‘work/life’ balance to the side, then you need to first ensure that, as a leader, you are living by example.

It’s demonstrating…

You have to create a company culture that values and respects people’s TIME.

It’s amazing how many people don’t put a value on time.

You might even find you don’t value your own time enough…

When you don’t value time enough, when your team don’t, what ends up happening is…

I’ve worked with dozens of CEOs over the years.

Coaching them towards sustainable success and helping them navigate the ‘psychology of the remote workplace’, so that they can achieve their business objectives by having a healthy happy team.

But what’s the common trait that I see within CEOs…

Do you see investing in your personal development as a way to grow your business?

When thinking about investment, I think about development.

If we develop ourselves as leaders, as employees, as humans, we, in turn, are much more likely to achieve our definition of success in and outside of…

Shauna Moran

Hi, I’m Shauna and I coach CEOs, leaders and teams that work remotely. You can join my mailing list or find out more at

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