Can you even set boundaries when you’re ambitious?

Can I even set boundaries when I’m ambitious?

Surely setting boundaries will prevent me from achieving my ambitious goals?

I was asked these questions recently and wanted to share my responses with you.

Ain’t nobody going to achieve their ambitious goals when:

a. They are burnt-out and overworked

b. They say YES to everything.

Setting boundaries is next-level maturity in your ambition drive and goals.

For example, I recently worked with a leader whose goal is to work his way up to director level in his department.

When we explored what needed to be done and what needed to change in order to make that goal become a reality, we realized a couple of things.

The organization’s perception of him was that he was ‘the helper.’

He spent so much of his time supporting other leaders and their departments, that he didn’t truly lead the vision for his department.

He spent so much of his time saying YES to everything.

Now although he enjoyed supporting others and still needed to do so, he had an epiphany moment.

If I want to truly reach my goals of becoming a director, I need to create boundaries around what I’m saying YES to.

Being ambitious for the sake of it may feel good at the moment, but you need to gain clarity around what it is you really want.

Once you have that clarity, you’ll be able to:

  1. Say YES to the things that align with your goals
  2. Say NO to the things that don’t.

Not only that but if you’re ambitious without boundaries you’re likely to experience one of the challenges I’ve listed below:

  1. You’re overworked, saying YES to all requests that come your way and your drive to ‘do more’ comes from a fear that your coworkers will think you’re not good enough
  2. You’re in a constant state of trying to ‘prove your worth’
  3. You’re a leader that doesn’t clearly understand where you add the most value, what it is you should be working on and you’re caught up in the day-to-day complexities within your team, meaning you’re not delegating, resulting in working non-stop.

What you need in all three cases is CLARITY.

You’ll get that by getting to know yourself, understand your values and your strengths.

Start with that internal work first and once that’s crystal clear, you can explore what actions you need to take with your external world:

  • Boundaries
  • Expectations
  • Delegation
  • Reality testing

So, what do you need to clarify in order to live into ambition in a sustainable way?

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