How Coaching Can Change Your Business, Team And Life

Do you see investing in your personal development as a way to grow your business?

When thinking about investment, I think about development.

If we develop ourselves as leaders, as employees, as humans, we, in turn, are much more likely to achieve our definition of success in and outside of the workplace.

One of the most effective ways to develop ourselves and our teams is through the power of coaching.

Coaching can be seen as the best way to enhance both the performance and the well-being of individuals and organizations in ways that are sustainable and personally meaningful

Not only do I coach founders, but I teach them how to coach their employees.

Let me tell you a story.

A CEO I worked with was tired of having to solve every problem on her team.

She was constantly trying to identify and find solutions to their teams’ problems.

When we discussed the impact of her doing this, she realised she very rarely gave her team a chance to come up with their own solutions.

Yep, we had to work on coaching her forward so she could trust her team and let go of control.

But when we worked through this, magic happened.

So when she identified the next problem within her business, she didn’t try to solve it here.

Instead, we equipped her with a 6-step coaching toolkit and she asked her team to come up with some solutions and ideas.

And guess what happened?

These ideas were even better than what she had thought of herself.

PLUS, her team were super excited at the opportunity of implementing their own ideas.

They felt responsible for them.

They were eager.

They were engaged.

And their CEO was less stressed and more trusting.

Today, with a mid-level management team that she coaches to find solutions, she’s saved more time than she ever could have imagined.

Her team are more motivated than ever because they know that their ideas matter.

So, how are you investing in yourself as a way to attract more success within your business?

P.S This is how I work with founders, CEOs and leaders on a 1–1 level. I’m holistic in my approach so that you can succeed long term. I only take a limited amount of 1–1 clients each year and I have 1 space coming up in the next month. If you’re interested in growing, evolving and changing for the better, book a 30-minute discovery call and let’s see where I might be able to help.


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