Prevent Too Many Zoom Meetings By Doing This!

You have to create a company culture that values and respects people’s TIME.

It’s amazing how many people don’t put a value on time.

You might even find you don’t value your own time enough…

When you don’t value time enough, when your team don’t, what ends up happening is we create a culture where people lack respect.

We don’t do this intentionally, but it stems from our old ways of working, that we’ve never really questioned before.

Meetings are requested too much instead of spending time communicating in other forms.

The majority of meetings can be seen to be ineffective- we spend an hour talking without any real clear outcomes.

People feel like the hours spent in meetings aren’t the best use of their time.

And they are right!

We don’t have time for ‘deep work’ a.k.a. doing the projects, strategy and innovation that really moves the needle.

Then, we wonder why at the end of the week, we haven’t achieved the things we really wanted to.

But what do you need to know?

Remote working isn’t the cause of your team’s communication problems.

In fact, remote working provides us with an opportunity to redefine how we communicate and maximize our time. But how can you and your team capitalize on this opportunity?

Oftentimes we just accept what’s in our calendar and continue to show up week after week without questioning how efficient our meetings really are.

Instead of a meeting, is there a better way to distribute the information that needs to be shared?

For example, a daily standup might not need to be conducted in a daily meeting, but rather an automated bot in your instant messaging channel, like Slack. You could use the time your team would have spent in a 30-minute meeting every day just to discuss their blockers and challenges. Resulting in time saved AND more meaningful discussion. This provides the transparency needed on a team level, and provides indicators to determine if a further discussion is needed.

So, what can you do to reduce the number of meetings you have on your calendar?

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