The Iceberg- Team Success Contributors Your Don’t See

When we think about how we can make our remote organizations more successful, we tend to immediately think of the tangible areas we can focus on like tools, technology, processes and policies.

No organization is successful without policies and processes. There is of course a difference between having policies with high visibility and those that are created and forgotten about.

But when we approach our team’s problems with a sense of ‘ticking the box’ or an underlying fear of the unknown, we don’t actually solve the problem long-term.

We put a plaster over it and hope for the best.

The plasters are familiar- we’ve used them before and we know they work short-term.

But what if there was a way to work on what’s above the iceberg while also working on what’s below the iceberg?

Can we work on improving on our processes and also start to improve our organizational mindset to embrace change?

Yes, we can.

The secret?

Involving your team in every step of the process of creation and implementation, because then they feel a part of it, and thus, responsible for its success.

Sometimes, it’s not about adding yet another tool to your portfolio of applications. Creating another policy about what hybrid working can look like in the future isn’t always what your team actually NEED right now.

It’s the stuff that takes the most effort, that produces long-term impact. The stuff that feels sticky at first, and tough to measure like:

• Building trusting teams
• Embracing flexibility
• Setting healthy boundaries
• Experimenting with asynchronous communication
• Encouraging the right mindset to embrace change
• Investing in mental health

So tell me, what areas on the iceberg do you and your team need to work on next?

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