What’s the Mindset of Your Organization?

I’ve worked with dozens of CEOs over the years.

Coaching them towards sustainable success and helping them navigate the ‘psychology of the remote workplace’, so that they can achieve their business objectives by having a healthy happy team.

But what’s the common trait that I see within CEOs that empowers them to succeed at building, maintaining and creating awesome teams?


Growth mindset is a term coined by Carol Dweck, she’s a Stanford psychologist, that knows what she’s talking about.

Carol proposes that there are two major mindsets and that we all have a tendency to move from one to the other.

The Fixed Mindset: Believes that our abilities are fixed and innate. Sees failures as a reflection of our own abilities and skills. Doesn’t like to be challenged. Resistance to change as ‘this is the way I’ve always done it’ mentality creeps in.

The Growth Mindset: Believes that our skills and abilities can be developed, always. That failures are an opportunity to learn and grow. Sees change as an opportunity to grow as an individual. Seeks out constructive feedback to continually improve.

Now, to be totally honest, we all aren’t either one mindset or the other.

The mind doesn’t work like that.

BUT, we can stay in a fixed mindset mode for too long, that we can’t even perceive a mindset outside of this fixed reality.

The mindset of a CEO trickles down to become the mindset of the organization.

Today, in the workplace a fixed mindset is showing up in the forms of:

  • Resistance to fully embracing remote working
  • Using the future hope of ‘getting back to the office’ as a way to motivate employees
  • Lack of flexibility options for remote workers, leaning towards micromanagement tendencies
  • Lack of delegation, trust and fully handing over responsibility
  • Using the same processes over and over for the past 12 months and expecting different results
  • Focused only on the productivity of their teams

Whereas a growth mindset organization is showing up in the forms of:

  • Embracing remote working and constantly identifying ways to improve their effectiveness
  • Understanding the challenges they face today are opportunities to learn and become better
  • They get that remote working isn’t ever fully going away and that they need to invest in helping their teams become the best version of themselves if they want to retain them for the long-term
  • The work with a trusted advisor in the space who can identify and help them overcome their blockers- they are open to change and feedback
  • They continually seek feedback from their teams
  • Offer flexible working options because they TRUST
  • Employees feel autonomous in their positions and cared for because they aren’t solely measured on productivity.

Oftentimes, we can be blocked by living within one fixed mindset trait. For example, a CEO that’s open to change and learning but has a blocker around trust, meaning he tries to always keep one foot on in each department.

Spoiler: He only has two feet and 10 departments…

But because this CEO is OPEN to changing and feedback and seeking out specialist coaches that can help him, he will overcome that blind spot with my help.

And then it will have a trickle-down effect on his whole team.

His other leaders will start feeling more trusted, which generally leads to more innovation and taking more responsibility because leaders are happier.

They also start to provide even more autonomy to their teams- resulting in higher engagement.

Your mindset matters.

So, where are you and/or your organization stuck in fixed mindset mode?

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